Exquisite Men´s Stuff

Because that is and has been our sole purpose since the brand was founded in 2013. To achieve products of exquisite quality and design.

Gentl Supply was founded in Malaga (Spain) by Cayetano Gomez. The company, which at the beginning was dedicated to buying tie fabrics from neighborhood stores with local labor, through a series of trips to the United Kingdom and Italy, soon acquired valuable alliances with the main silk weavers and workshops in Europe.

There have been numerous trials and errors until we arrived at the tie that we proudly offer today and that has become the brand’s standard. A tie with versatile designs, light (average weight 50gr.) and thin, achieving an elegant look and at the same time relaxed and comfortable.

Our ties combine in the same product the sobriety and elegance of English design with the freshness of Italian workmanship to produce unstructured or “untipped” ties.

1 Crafts

Our ties are handmade in Florence (Italy) by artisan tie makers.

2 Design

English design and printing with its characteristic sobriety and elegance.

3 Comfort

Gentl Supply ties weigh on average 50 grams, a point of lightness that you will notice on longer days.

4 Handrolled

Our ties are handmade in Florence (Italy) by artisan tie makers.

Today we defend that another way of wearing a tie is possible, away from the pre-established canons and decontextualizing its use. Because a tie is nothing more than an accessory, but at the same time, an indispensable element for those unique and different men, who from their own and most natural vision want to achieve a common goal: to enjoy the beauty of life and show it day by day.

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