Joie de vivre

Pursuing desires that we long for and that allow us to experience positive emotions. The Joie de vivre, as we would say. This has been and is the driving force of human beings throughout life. The continuous search for pleasure and life satisfaction. A satisfaction that is fully subjective and that can be found in different areas and at different times.

Art, culture in any of its expressions, literature, gastronomy, fashion… Everyone reaches hedonism through different ways, something we are very aware of at Gentl Supply. We believe in those who find both the extraordinary and the natural beautiful. We believe in Miles Davis and his pursuit of the avant-garde in jazz, in Rothko and his surrealist style, in Van der Rohe and his emphasis on the alliance between architecture and industrial design, and in Jack Nicholson as the representative of the rebellious character in the face of society’s dictates.

Born in Italy and made by silk artisans, since 2012 our ties reflect the idea of bringing together under one company men with personality, unpretentious, casual, for whom age is not a limit. Men of yesterday and today, those who believe in the new masculinity and among whom there is room for the broadest personalities. Gentl Supply is the brand for those men who are unique and different from each other, but who, from their own natural vision, want to achieve a common goal: to enjoy the beauty of life and show it day by day.