How are our ties manufactured?

1. Cutting.

The cutting process is the first in the handmade production chain of the tie. Massimo is in charge of receiving and cutting the fabric in his workshop in Florence (Italy). This cut is carried out according to the pattern indications. Our unique model of tie is in three folds with dimensions of 8.5 cm. x 148 cm.

2. Assembly.

After cutting, the tie is made up of three parts that are joined by machine by Mrs. Giovanna. This seam gives the tie the necessary strength to withstand the tension of a tight neck knot.

3. Handrolled.

The most important part of making a tie by hand is the “handrolled”. The edges of the untipped or unlined tie are sewn by hand, making the characteristic rolls of this type of tie.

4. Folding.

After the “handrolled” the two thin layers of interlining are placed and the pleats are made. This interlining provides the body, drape and strength needed for the tie. The folds are then joined together to complete the hand sewing of the tie.

5. Labeling.

Finally, before packaging, the label is applied.