GENTL SUPPLY was founded as a response of the need to dress an elegant and contemporary man, who cares his look with a very personal style.

Our accessories are manufactured in Spain, with first class raw material and in a traditional way, achieving a unique item with a competitive value for the money.


Our main issue is to make customers enjoy an exclusive product by achieving any of our products, that is the reason why we only manufacture 12 units per item. Once we run out of a model, we start a new selection process of fabrics, and therefore, we often an exclusive product and continuous upgrade of our product range, achieving a great variety of colors and textures. GENTL SUPPLY always keep in mind the moment in which the collections are launched so that our customers can immediately wear them.

Spanish Handmade

In GENTL SUPPLY we trust on Spanish textile industry, that is the reason why all our items are handmade in Spain.

Spanish male complements industry, especially tie production, is one of the most recognized all over the world along with Italian and English industries.

Exclusive Product

In GENTL SUPPLY our main issue is to make customers enjoy an exclusive product by acquiring any of our items. Therefore, we only manufacture a maximum of 12 units per model.

In addition to this low production model, in GENTL SUPPLY also got the exclusive with making hand-craft each product.

Además de esta baja producción por modelo, en GENTL SUPPLY también conseguimos esa exclusividad con la fabricación a mano y artesanal de cada producto.